How to become a member

The Wisconsin Industrial Energy Group (WIEG) is a nonprofit consumer advocacy trade association for affordable and reliable energy. WIEG represents Wisconsin’s largest employers encompassing more than 50,000 employees, each of whom is a state taxpayer and utility ratepayer. WIEG members represent most major Wisconsin manufacturing industries including but not limited to paper, malting, automobile, food processing, chemical, metal casting, and fabricating. Most WIEG member companies have electric bills of over $1 million each month, and it is one of their top costs of doing business.

WIEG’s primary focus is to advocate for reliable and costs effective gas and electric service for Wisconsin energy consumers. Since the 1970’s, WIEG has intervened on behalf of its member companies before the Public Service Commission of Wisconsin, Executive Branch State Agencies, State Legislature, Midwest Independent System Operator (MISO) the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission in Washington D.C. Substantial energy cost savings have resulted for member companies and all ratepayers due to WIEG’s lobbying efforts with legislation, utility rate cases and fuel cases.

In the last thirteen years, investor-owned utility rate hike requests have been reduced by roughly $1.3 billion. In addition, WIEG has successfully advocated for new market-based industrial tariffs. In just a few years, these efforts have resulted in savings of more than $120 million versus standard industrial tariffs.


“There is only one organization that is specifically focused on containing and controlling energy costs for industrial and manufacturing businesses in Wisconsin: WIEG… I urge you to consider the benefits of
being part of an effective and strong organization dedicated to helping members’ bottom lines.”
– Wisconsin State Energy Office

“WIEG’s lobbying on Act 141 has saved our company millions over the years.” – Verso Corp.

“Wisconsin Paper Council appreciates our strong partnership with the Wisconsin Industrial Energy Group. Papermaking is a very energy-intensive industry. WIEG is willing to take on the tough battles in an effort
to keep our industry competitive. They are a valuable resource to the paper and forest products industry.”
– Wisconsin Paper Council

“WIEG was instrumental in helping us secure a new real time rate. The program provides a benefit to our
company and to all other customers on the system. Through operational flexibility we can respond to the market pricing signals on the tariff to suppress demand during high cost periods.”
 – Procter & Gamble

“Wisconsin Industrial Energy Group and its members are valuable partners and supporters of the Wisconsin Cast Metals Association. We appreciate WIEG as a respected advocate of large energy consumers. WIEG is a tireless advocate of affordable and reliable energy, which is absolutely critical for foundries and related industry.” – Wisconsin Cast Metals Association

“We strongly support WIEG’s efforts and urge business and industry—regardless of which utility they are
served by—to join WIEG and help in the important effort to control energy costs.”
Wisconsin Federation of Cooperatives

For more information about the benefits of WIEG membership to your company, contact:

Todd Stuart
Executive Director
Wisconsin Industrial Energy Group
44 East Mifflin Street, Suite 404
Madison, WI 53703
PH: 608 441 5740