2016 News Articles

Lakeshore counties to exceed new ozone limits. (12/25/16)

Xcel/NSPM adds $180 million, 100 MW solar project that is now integrated into the MISO market. (12/24/16)

WPL rates will increase by an average of 0.83% in 2017 but large customers will have small rate decreases. (12/23/16)

ATC wins approval in Illinois for $55 million project. (12/21/16)

MGE rate case officially approved by the PSC. On average it is a 0.79% rate decrease and between 1% - 2% rate decrease for large customers. (12/17/16)

New Upper Peninsula utility to be formed by WEPCO and WPSC. (12/15/16)

Commission approved 3.2% rate hike for NSPW electric customers. (12/2/16)

Regulators trim authorized return on equity. (11/10/16)

WPL gets preliminary PSC approval to small electric rate decreases for large customers. (11/19/16)

WEPCO 2017 Fuel Cost Plan was approved and resulted in a 1.5% rate decrease for large customers. (11/18/16)

MGE gets preliminary PSC approval to decrease electric rates by an average of 0.33% in 2017. (11/12/16)

Alliant Energy plans wind farm construction spree. (11/4/16)

ATC to build 345 kV line to connect WPL’s Riverside expansion to the regional grid. (10/27/16)

Xcel wants to build four more wind farms in Minnesota and North Dakota. (10/26/16)

ATC outlines 10-year plan costing $4 billion. (10/22/16)

Minnesota state regulators approve Xcel's plan to shut down Becker coal-fired plants. (10/13/16)

Factories miffed at high Wisconsin power prices. (10/10/16)

WPL breaks ground on $700 million, 700 MW Riverside expansion project. (9/23/16)

Xcel announces $2 billion, 1,500 MW wind expansion program. (9/22/16)

Utilities’ moves expand wind, natural gas. (9/22/16)

Milwaukee microgrid could boost energy R&D. (9/3/16)

Xcel Energy adds Minnesota wind farm to Midwest power mix. (9/1/16)

Big industries say high electric prices may push them out of Wisconsin. (8/21/16)

Natural gas to replace coal plant in U.P. (8/15/16)

Hearing set for Xcel rate case; larger request reflects rebate decision. (8/15/16)

Stuart, Landin: PSC has heard the wake-up call. (8/14/16)

Xcel Energy's challenge: remake itself and boost profits amid flat demand. (8/14/16)

Energy, water are Wisconsin growth targets. (8/6/16)

Alliant eyes Wisconsin wind energy growth. (8/2/16)

Lower profit recommended for ATC, other Midwest power-line utilities. (7/11/16)

Time to restore competitive electricity prices. (7/7/16)

WEPCO was ordered to refund 2015 over-collected fuel costs of $16.4 million. (7/7/16)

The PSC approved WPL’s fuel refund of $10.5 million for October monthly bills.

NSPW was ordered to refund 2015 over-collected fuel costs of $9.5 million. (7/2/16)

WEC Energy Group CEO said subsidiaries WEPCO and WPSC may not file rate cases until 2018. (6/29/16)

The biggest solar project in Wisconsin, a 2.2 MW project developed by Hanwha for Alliant Energy Corp, goes online at coal-ash landfill. (6/24/16)

The PSC approved WPSC’s fuel refund of $16.4 million for August monthly bills. (6/23/16)

The PSC approved MGE’s 2015 over-collected fuel costs of $16 million. (6/23/16)

Midwest power supply could fall short after 2017. (6/20/16)

Low natural gas prices upend utility sector. (6/18/16)

New Wisconsin wind farm to be built next year, three other projects eyed in state. (6/8/16)

Panel: Wisconsin will see more natural gas enter its fuel mix. (6/6/16)

Report cites mixed results for Wisconsin’s renewable energy programs. (5/29/16)

WPL rate case proposed 1.1% electric increases for 2017 and 1.1% in 2018. (5/20/16)

WEC Energy Group to pay $18.5 million to settle Illinois investigations. (5/11/16)

PSC approves corporate reorganization sought by ATC. (5/10/16)

WEC Energy Groups's new CEO says climate change regulation is "inevitable.” (5/4/16)

NSPW plans for the development of a 1 MW solar garden in Eau Claire. (4/29/16)

WEPCO and WPSC: No rate hike planned for 2017. (4/27/16)

MGE requests 1.65% electric and 3.7% natural gas rate increases for 2017. (4/9/16)

NSPW requests 2.4% electric and 3.9% natural gas rate increases for 2017. (4/1/16)

PSC approves Alliant Energy plan to build new power plant near Beloit. (3/31/16)

PSC study: Wisconsin electricity rates highest of 8 Midwest states. (3/24/16)

Utility, big customer at odds over rates, power plants. (3/20/16)

Xcel Energy faces more big investments to keep its nuclear units running. (3/19/16)

Wind power’s Wisconsin dry spell may be ending. (3/12/16)

MGE to launch community solar pilot program. (3/11/16)

ATC: Higher sales of power to Illinois drive need for new high-voltage line. (3/4/16)

ATC announces nine promotions. (3/1/16)

Gov. Walker orders agencies not to prepare for EPA’s Clean Power Plan. (2/15/16)

Xcel open to closing nuclear plant early. (2/14/16)

Alliant offers other utilities the option to buy into their proposed Riverside expansion. (2/3/16)

Xcel said the utility was “nearly certain” to comply with the EPA’s Clean Power Plan. (1/30/16)

Leverett to succeed Kappa as CEO of WEC Energy Group. (1/28/16)

U.S. Supreme Court upheld FERC's authority to regulate Demand Response programs in wholesale markets. (1/25/16)

Utility officials say shift away from coal will be gradual.

D.C. Circuit Court denied a stay but granted an expedited schedule for the briefs and arguments regarding a stay for the Clean Power Plan. (1/21/16)

WIEG and CUB seek to cap ratepayer costs for Alliant’s proposed Riverside expansion. (1/19/16)

FERC ALJ ruling would reduce MISO transmission asset Return on Equity.


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