2015 News Articles

PSC approved WPL's fuel rate increase. (12/18/15)

Alliant, WEC Energy agree to co-own $700 million power plant plus renewable projects. (12/17/15)

Commission approves 1% rate increase in the NSPW rate case. (12/4/15)

WEPCO completes conversion of Valley power plant from coal to natural gas. (11/24/15)

Illinois regulators launch investigation of WEC Energy on $8B gas main project in Chicago. (11/23/15)

Commission approved a rate decrease in the WPSC rate case. (11/20/15)

MGE announces their “Energy 2030” plan with a commitment to 30% renewable electric generation by 2030. (11/18/15)

EPA Clean Power compliance would cost We Energies parent $2.2 billion, CEO Kappa says. (11/16/15)

WPL lowers cost estimate for proposed new natural gas plant to $700 million. (11/6/15)

Alliant Energy plans to cut 2% of their workforce through a voluntary separation plan. (11/5/15)

Wisconsin joins lawsuit against EPA’s new coal plant restrictions. (11/3/15)

WEC Energy Group plans to cut 2% of their workforce. (10/28/15)

WPL begins process to close Cassville power plant. (10/28/15)

Wisconsin Attorney General Schimel joins suit against opposing EPA’s Clean Power Plan. (10/23/15)

NSPW©s CapX2020 line is completed ahead of schedule for the $211 million Wisconsin segment. (10/13/15)

ATC©ös updated 10 year plan calls for $3.7 - $4.5 billion in capital expenditures. (10/5/15)

Xcel/NSPM plans early retirement for two 750 MW coal-fired units by 2023 and 2026. (10/2/15)

EPA sets new national Ozone standard of 70 ppb. This will harm economic development efforts as many Wisconsin counties will now be in non-attainment. (10/1/15)

MGE wants to add solar power in two Middleton projects. (9/30/15)

WEPCO and WPL file testimony regarding the proposed Riverside power plant. (9/12/15)

The PSC approved MGE©s $11 million fuel credit. (9/1/15)

Proposed new EPA Ozone rules bring outcry from business groups. (8/26/15)

Alliant is building a $5 million solar demonstration project at their corporate headquarters. (8/25/15)

Energy upgrades likely to be stalled by legal challenges to Clean Power Plan. (8/21/15)

Alliant announces a purchase power agreement for a new 2.25 MW solar project near Beloit. (8/17/15)

Wisconsin would be hit hard by EPA's final 111(d) Clean Power Plan. (8/15/15)

Wisconsin Attorney General files petition to postpone deadlines under the new EPA final 111(d) Clean Power Plan. (8/14/15)

WEPCO filed the 2016 Fuel Cost Plan that projects a $17 million decrease in their fuel costs.  That is a 1% decrease for large customers.  (8/11/15)

WEPCO seeks state approval to sell coal plant to medical center. (8/11/15)

WEPCO's coal storage plan at Oak Creek power plant prompts dust concerns. (8/9/15)

PSC will allow WEPCO to make the case to sell power to WPL. (8/7/15)

WEPCO asks state to block other utilities from building new electric plants. (8/6/15)

MGE proposes $11 million fuel credit for 2016. (8/6/15)

Community solar projects are popping up in Wisconsin. (8/4/15)

Wisconsin to join lawsuits to block EPA’s 111(d) Clan Power Plan. (8/3/15)

Higher coal costs lead to 2016 rate hike for WPL customers. (7/9/15)

Total U.S. Generation from natural gas exceeds coal burn for the first time ever. (7/2/15)

Wisconsin Energy Corp’s acquisition of Integrys powered by natural gas. (6/27/15)

As Integrys deal nears, Fitch downgrades WEC. (6/2/15)

Report: Focus on Energy cuts energy waste, delivers payback. (6/2/15)

NSPW seeks 4% electric increase and 5% natural gas increase. (6/1/15)

Court sides with PSC and downtown Milwaukee businesses in Valley plan case. (5/26/15)

PSC approves WEPCO’s $100+ million fuel flexibility project for Oak Creek. (5/14/15)

Fight over profits from power line construction could lead to refunds. (5/11/15)

PSC approves ATC’s $327 million Bay Lake Project for northeastern Wisconsin. (5/1/15)

PSC approves WEC-IEG acquisition docket. (4/30/15)

MGE plans to forgo a 2016 base rate case and plans “Community Energy Conversations.” (4/29/15)

Lawsuits immediately filed over PSC’s approval of the Badger-Coulee transmission line. (4/28/15)

NSPW proposes community solar pilot program. (4/27/14)

Alliant Energy proposes a 650 MW, $750 million natural gas-fired plant near Beloit. (4/24/15)

WPSC requests 10% electric rate increase. (4/20/15)

Customers must be protected in the WEC-IEG acquisition docket. (4/17/15)

ATC names Mike Rowe new President & CEO. (4/13/15)

Reply briefs submitted in the WEC-IEG acquisition docket. (4/11/15)

Wisconsin Attorney General joins lawsuit against EPA’s 111(d) Clean Power Plan. (4/10/15)

Customers must be protected in WEC-IEG merger. (4/9/15)

FERC approves WEC-IEG merger. (4/7/15)

Serious concerns about WEC-IEG merger. (3/28/15)

Badger-Coulee line is approved by the PSC. (3/27/15)

Illinois regulators investigate Peoples Gas natural gas replacement project in Chicago. (3/19/15)

PSC to decide soon on large power line projects. (3/15/15)

Deal scraps WEPCO’s plan to sell U.P. power plant for $1. (3/13/15)

Will customers benefit from WEC’s purchase of Integrys? (3/10/15)

MGE reaches compromise with advocacy groups with 25% by 2025 renewable commitment. (3/10/15)

PSC Chairperson Nowak testifies before US Senate Committee on EPA’s 111(d) Clean Power Plan. (3/9/15)

$1 power plant sale could cost WEPCO customers $200 million. (2/28/15)

EPA regulations could cost Wisconsin 20,000 manufacturing jobs. (2/20/15)

Editorial: PSC can’t rubber-stamp WEC-Integrys merger. (2/19/15)

FERC orders review in $65 million Wisconsin-Michigan power dispute. (2/19/15)

Deal reached on payments to operate Upper Michigan power plant. (2/18/15)

U.P. mine operator's return to We Energies doesn't end disputes. (2/7/15)

Emerging issues in the federal regulation of electricity markets. (2/6/15)

MGE and Middleton consider solar partnership. (2/6/15)

Wisconsin lawmakers debate impact of EPA rules on state economy. (1/28/15)


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