2014 News Articles

The Commission approves a 2.2% electric rate hike for NSPW in 2015. NSPW's
natural gas rates will not change.

EPA rules that coal ash should not be treated as hazardous waste. (12/19/14)

Commission votes to maintain the schedule in the WEC acquisition docket.

Business and consumer coalition press for more scrutiny of the WEC
acquisition docket.

Coal shipping cost increases to hit WPL customers. (12/4/14)

WPSC proposes a new $550 million, 400 MW natural gas-fired plant near

FERC postpones rate increase for the ratepayers in Michigan's Upper

PSC and DNR join the utilities and business groups with critical comments
regarding EPA¹s proposed 111(d) regulations.

EPA¹s new ozone limits could place restrictions on industry. (11/26/14)

MGE rate case approved with an average electric 4% increase and a -2%
natural gas decrease for the large customers.

WEPCO rate case approved with a net zero increase for industrial customers
through 2016.

Focus on Energy developing a loan fund for their renewable projects.

ATC¹s latest ten year plan has $3.3 - $3.9 billion in projects around the

Commission approves WPSC rate case with a $25 million or 3% electric

WPL proposes a new $725 million, 650 MW natural gas-fired plant near Beloit.

Michigan protests the proposed WEC acquisition of Integrys. (10/25/14)

Business groups win short delay in WEC acquisition docket. (10/3/14)

PSC: the need for ATC¹s $300 million Bay Lake project in northern Wisconsin
will be scrutinized.

Business groups want delay in decision on WEC acquisition docket. (9/25/14)

WIEG and CUB challenge the SSR payments that WEPCO ³double dipped² when they booked it as revenue. (9/23/14)

WEPCO introduces $62 million coal storage expansion project for the power
plants in Oak Creek.

Commissioner Nowak says the EPA¹s proposed 111(d) rule could cost Wisconsin
ratepayers between $10 to $20 billion.

WEPCO offers rate relief to some plants via real time pricing. (9/13/14)

Rep. Krug receives ³Legislator of the Year² Award from WIEG. (9/12/14)

Wisconsin loses “cheap power” status; will it return? (9/12/14)

Rate freeze promise in Illinois raises questions for WEC acquisition proposal in Wisconsin.

Jolted by rate surge: Debate over WEPCO electric rates amp up. (9/12/14)

As Klappa energizes his company, rates rankle customers
. (9/11/14)

MGE and WEC create joint venture, may bid for state plants. (8/29/14)

Electric rates could rise 5% in January for We Energies customers.

ATC-Xcel transmission project could cost up to $580 million. (8/19/14)

MGE customers will receive $6.7 million refund.

Securities filing outlines details of Wisconsin Energy-Integrys deal.

FERC ruling could cut Wisconsin utilities’ profits. (8/8/14)

WEC submits application to the PSC for their acquisition of IEG. (8/6/14)

Wisconsin Energy will challenge some parts of EPA’s Clean Power Plan. (8/1/14)

Xcel created two new subsidiaries to develop interstate transmission projects. (7/31/14)

Exelon to purchase the non-regulated Integrys Energy Services. (7/30/14)

FERC ruling could shift $26 million from Wisconsin electricity customers to Michigan customers. (7/29/14)

WPL completes $600 million FGD project and submits $150 million SCR project for the Columbia Energy Center. (7/14/14)

PSC to create a revolving loan fund for renewable projects. (7/10/14)

Xcel management blamed for cost overruns at Monticello nuclear plant. (7/9/14)

WEPCO files for a $25 million fuel flexibility project for the Oak Creek power plants. (7/8/14)

WPL files for a $150 million SCR for Columbia. (7/2/14)

PSC: Wisconsin is ahead of other states in transmission investments. (7/2/14)

PSC authorizes bill credits for WEPCO and WPSC for decreased fuel costs. (7/2/14)

MGE agreement: residential fixed charge goes up, but not as much. (7/1/14)

Growing number of solar panels a concern for Wisconsin’s utilities. (6/28/14)

WPL to ask for 7% - 8% higher industrial rates to meet rising fuel costs. (6/27/14)

PSC approved the Construction Application for the 80-mile, $180 million Wisconsin Gas pipeline in western Wisconsin. (6/25/14)

Wisconsin’s 10% renewable mandate law had a 2.7% statewide rate impact in 2012. (6/25/14)

Wisconsin Energy Corp. to acquire Integrys Energy Group for $9.1 billion. (6/24/14)

MGE proposes to raise their monthly fixed charge. (6/18/14)

WPSC proposes to raise their monthly fixed charge. (6/14/14)

Kewaunee closing makes Wisconsin's task to meet EPA rules tougher. (6/14/14)

State utilities are in compliance with the 10% renewable mandate. (6/12/14)

Commission approves WPL’s two-year rate freeze application. (6/6/14)

State must reduce emissions by 34% under EPA’s new greenhouse gas rules for existing power plants. (6/2/14)

EPA greenhouse gas rules for existing power plants may force utilities to reduce coal use. (5/31/14)

WEPCO files for a 1.8% rate increase. (5/30/14)

NSPW files for 3.2% rate case reopener. (5/29/14)

WPSC warns of rate increases. (5/17/14)

ATC submits another $300 million section of the Bay Lake project for northern Wisconsin. (5/1/14)

Industry has cost concerns with proposed expansion of renewable mandate. (5/1/14)

With no backup plan, MISO trapped in relationship with the aging Presque Isle plant. (4/30/14)

The US Supreme Court upheld EPA’s CSAPR air emissions case. (4/29/14)

MGE files for a 2.8% electric rate case. (4/18/14)

WEPCO receiving SSR payments to keep the Presque Isle plant running in the U.P. (4/17/14)

CUB sues the PSC over the decision the Valley Power Plant cost allocation decision. (4/16/14)

WPSC plans to retire the 60 MW coal-fired Weston Unit 1 and also to convert the 75 MW Weston Unit 2 from coal to natural gas. (4/11/14)

WPL files for another two-year electric rate freeze plan. (4/9/14)

WPSC files for an 8% electric rate increase. (4/1/14)

Integrys CEO says transition to lower carbon footprint will take time. (3/26/14)

WPSC plans to retire Pulliam units 5 & 6, a combined total of 112 MW, by 2015. (3/13/14)

Xcel lays out plan to get halfway to state's 2020 solar goal. (3/3/14)

The cost estimate of Weston 3 retrofit increased to $345 million. (2/28/14)

WPSC signs agreement for 108 MW from Manitoba Hydro in 2016. (2/28/14)

State legislative Democrats propose 30% by 2030 renewable mandate. (2/26/14)

WPL is exploring the possibility of another rate freeze. (2/25/14)

Utilities are split over bill changing transmission line permitting process. (2/24/14)

Alliant Energy announces retirements and promotions. (2/11/14)

CapX2020 transmission line opponents won’t give up despite setback. (2/11/14)

We Energies 85-mile, $170 million natural gas lateral testimony filed at the PSC. (2/7/14)

WEC announces 10 year capital expenditures plan of at least $650 million each year.

Xcel sues General Electric over the explosion of the 900 MW coal-fired Sherco Unit 3.

We Energies looks to sell Presque Isle plant in Michigan’s U.P.

PSC approves conversion of downtown Valley Power Plant from coal to natural gas. (1/30/14)

Natural gas supplies are holding up here but January heat bills will be higher. (1/29/14)

Frigid weather leads to record-setting energy use.

MPUC staff and utilities attack the ruling by the ALJ in favor a major solar project over a proposed natural gas-fired plant.

Integrys to sell U.P. regulated utility to British investment fund. (1/20/14)

Citizen groups ask PSC to reopen CapX2020 decision.

We Energies' customers' natural gas use breaks record amid deep freeze.

ATC names Bill Marsan as general counsel.

Utilities prepare for bitter blast. Some businesses in western Wisconsin may be asked to reduce natural gas use as frigid air spreads across state.

Higher utility costs expected
. (1/3/14)

Minnesota ALJ rules in favor of solar plan over proposed natural gas-fired plant
. (1/2/14)


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