2013 News Articles

Alliant Energy Corp. plant upgrades approved. (12/20/13)

We Energies, Wolverine cancel U.P. power plant upgrade project. (12/19/13)

Wrightstown eyed for potential WPSC natural gas-fired plant by 2019. (12/18/13)

PSC-DNR joint letter criticizes EPA greenhouse gas rule proposals.

New $36 million MVP transmission line is now in-service. (12/9/13)

WEPCO announces $300 million stock buyback program and five year $3.2
billion capital expenditure plans. (12/5/13)

Xcel plans to form a stand alone transmission company for building projects
outside of their service territory. (12/5/13)

MISO's footprint is expected to be short of power by 2016, mostly due to new
EPA air rules. (12/5/13)

PSC approves a 1% rate decrease for WEPCO as a result of declining fuel
costs. (11/27/13)

Milwaukee area's highest-paid executives list is led by WEPCO. (11/23/13)

WPL plans to add a natural gas-fired plant by 2019. (11/18/13)

WIEG files a FERC complaint to reduce ATC's 12.2% authorized return on
equity for building transmission lines. (11/16/13)

WPL 2% fuel rate increase is approved by the PSC. (11/14/13)

WEPCO-Domtar 50 MW biomass plant is now running. (11/11/13)

WPSC rates to remain flat for 2014. (11/7/13)

Xcel seeks $291 million rate hike in Minnesota. (11/5/13)

We Energies to request $35 million - $82 million to keep the 430 MW coal
plant in running in the U.P. (11/1/13)


We Energies CEO says next rate increase request will be modest. (10/30/13)

More Xcel rate hikes on the way. (10/25/13)

Fitch: low sales growth challenges U.S. utilities¹ traditional business
models. (10/25/13)

GE: Time to rethink electric utility regulation. (10/23/13)

ATC and Xcel propose $500 million power line linking Madison to La Crosse.

MISO says We Energies can't shut down 430 MW coal plant in the U.P.

Xcel's 860 MW Sherco Unit 3 now back in service. (10/21/13)

EPA's coal plant rule could hurt Wisconsin. (10/19/13)

Xcel defends expensive nuclear upgrade. (10/19/13)

Xcel wins approval for four Midwestern wind farms. (10/18/13)

Obama's climate action plan is its own worst enemy. (10/17/13)

ATC power line proposed for the U.P. (10/14/13)

ATC's revised ten year plan has $3.6 billion in capital expenditures. (10/3/13)

"Global warming takes back seat in Wisconsin." (9/26/13)

PSC approves 102.5 MW, $250 million merchant wind farm. (9/26/13)

EPA proposes limits on emissions for future power plants – which would prohibit coal-fired plants without CO2 capturing technology. (9/20/13)

We Energies could shutter U.P. plant, but hopes to be paid to keep it running. (9/10/13)

WEPCO's RTMP rate was expanded from 150 MW cap up to 300 MW. (9/6/13)

Monona installs solar panels using third party financing.

WEPCO-Domtar $268 million biomass plant is nearly complete. (8/31/13)

WPL customers to get one-time fuel credit. (8/19/13)

Early 2014 decision expected for coal-to-gas conversion of WEPCO's Valley plant. (8/12/13)

WPSC may build a new natural gas-fired plant by 2019. (8/9/13)

WPL files for $130 million project to replace equipment at jointly-owned coal plant. (8/7/13)

Obama's climate plan for power plants won't significantly lower emissions. (8/5/13)

We Energies to lose Michigan-mine operator, its biggest customer. (7/31/13)

WEPCO files for 2014 fuel case.

A 1% fuel credit is coming, but WPL utility customers will pay more in fuel for 2014. (7/29/13)

WPSC's $222 million reliability project targets North Woods power outages. (7/22/13)

Regulatory environment affects Xcel's Monticello nuclear plant upgrade costs. (7/19/13)

Allen Leverett has been named president of Wisconsin Energy Corp. effective August 1. (7/19/13)

Xcel plans 33% wind power boost in upper Midwest region. (7/17/13)

WPL seeks 3% fuel rate hike in 2014. (7/16/13)

PSC approves a rate freeze through the end of 2014 for MGE. (7/12/13)

Electric industry threatened by self-generation. (6/22/13)

Appeals court ruling affirms $5.2 billion plan for Midwest power lines. (6/7/13)

The UW is promoting renewable policies. (6/2/13)

NSPW files for 6.5% rate hike. (5/31/13)

Bill proposes change in communication rule for PSC. (5/29/13)

Forecast: Midwest power will be on when summer heat waves hit. (5/17/13)

PSC agrees to We Energies plan for Upper Peninsula coal plant. (5/16/13)

Consultant gives Focus on Energy a good cost-benefit grade. (5/15/13)

Michigan, Indiana warm to the idea of expanding consumer utility choice (5/15/13)

Duke-ATC completes purchase of key California powerline. (5/6/13)

PSC approved WPL’s $417 million retrofit project for Edgewater Unit 5. (5/2/13)

WEPCO submits plan to convert Valley from coal to natural gas. (4/29/13)

EPA settlement with WPL calls for retrofits, retirement and/or fuel switching. (4/22/13)

Kewaunee nuclear plant shutdown could cost $1 billion. (4/20/13)

EPA delays greenhouse gas rules for new power plants. (4/16/13)

MGE seeks base rate freeze through 2014. (4/16/13)

ATC announces Bay Lake power line routes. (4/11/13)

WPSC files for 7.4% electric rate increase. (3/29/13)

Utilities and Wisconsin PSC defend legal challenge to CapX2020 power line approval. (3/22/13)

Milwaukee Water Works plans series of rate increases. (3/21/13)

WPSC has $275 million air emissions retrofit of Weston Unit 3 approved. (3/20/13)

Bill would let ATC invest outside of Wisconsin. (3/20/13)

WPRI study: state’s 10% renewable mandate will cost $788 million through 2017.

ATC plans $60 million upgrade to 138kv lines across several southeastern counties.

Third party financing legislation for renewables may be introduced. (3/16/13)

Duke-ATC to buy stake in California high-voltage power line. (3/12/13)

Wind farm developer's appeal rejected by the PSC. (3/1/13)

PSC endorses overhead lines in Wauwatosa. (3/1/13)

CapX2020 opponents file a compliant at FERC. (2/28/13)

Bill on fast track would help ATC develop power lines around the U.S. (2/27/13)

WPSC buys natural gas plant for $440 million. (2/22/13)

Kewaunee nuclear plant shutdown was cleared by MISO. (2/19/13)

Wind farm proposal rejected, developer plans another try. (2/14/13)

FERC rules against ATC in a powerline ownership dispute. (2/11/13)

New legislation would allow nuclear to count toward the state’s renewable mandate. (2/9/13)

Part of ATC’s project for the U.P. is put on hold. (2/8/13)

Xcel wants to add wind power after the tax credits were extended. (2/5/13)

Milwaukee may scrap plan to offer businesses a water discount. (1/15/13)

Big energy users get rate increase breaks.

Green-power, low-energy users get brunt of utility rate increase. (1/5/13)

WPSC settles with EPA on emissions. (1/4/13)


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