2011 News Articles

WEPCO fuel case: $26 million increase was a net zero after DOE funds were applied. (12/22/11)

Wisconsin's biggest wind farm, the Glacier Hills Wind Park (162 MW/$364 million) project is now online. (12/20/11)

EPA’s Utility MACT was released this week. There are a number of plants around the state that may now need to be retired early as a result of CSAPR and MACT and other EPA rules. (12/21/11)

WPL fuel case of $4.4 million (0.68% increase for industrials) was approved. CSAPR costs were deferred.

State Supreme Court to review WIEG-CUB lawsuit over wind farm permit. (12/16/11)

We Energies’ Valley Power Plant may be converted to burn natural gas. (12/13/11)

USA Today: Residential electric bills soar $300 in five years. (12/13/12)

New Oak Creek power plant closed for repairs. We Energies shuts down unit after review uncovers potential problem. (12/12/11)

MISO endorses $6.5 billion MVP powerline plan. Three of the sixteen lines are Wisconsin projects. (12/8/11)

Stoering named president & CEO of NSPW. (12/8/11)

Cloninger named president of WPSC. (12/7/11)

MGE rate case approved with 4.33% average increase. All CSAPR costs were deferred. (12/2/11)

WIEG, WPC and CUB challenge PSC’s decision on WEPCO rate proposal. (11/28/11)

WPSC rate case reopener approved with 3.62% industrial increase. CSAPR costs were deferred. (11/18/11)

We Energies says some coal-ash cleanup costs won't be passed along.

PSC gives final approval for WEPCO’s “zero increase” rate plan. (11/4/11)

WEPCO’s executives say future rate increases will taper off. (11/4/11)

Coal plant, summer heat energize We Energies' earnings. (10/27/11)

Feds want powerline costs socialized (10/23/11)

PSC petitioned to rule on Milwaukee streetcar utility costs. (10/19/11)

ATC applied for state approval for a 6 mile, $31 million 345kv line that would cross into Illinois from Kenosha County. (10/13/11

Utilities, business and state government challenge the expensive CSAPR rule. (10/7/11)

WEPCO’s $148 million “zero increase” proposal was approved with no changes by the PSC. (10/6/11)

Obama administration to speed up seven power line permits, including a CapX2020 project.

Economic development rate was approved by the PSC. (9/29/11)

Greenhouse rule delayed. (9/15/11)

ATC’s new 10-year plan pegged at $4 billion (9/12/11)

Obama backs off tougher and expensive new Ozone standards. (9/2/11)

WEPCO’s 50 MW, $255 million biomass project with Domtar will begin construction this week in Rothschild. (8/25/11)

WPSC asks for 9% industrial increase to comply with new EPA rules.

PSC signals it will accept WEPCO’s rate plan. (8/11/11)

Alliant to build Iowa wind farm. (8/4/11)

Fuel costs could push WEPCO bills up slightly next year
. (8/3/11)

WEPCO seeks no increase in 2012. Customer groups worry about costs in 2013 and long term.

CapX2020 project working through environmental impacts. (7/21/11)

Wisconsin’s utilities are on track to meet the renewable mandate.

EPA finalizes CSAPR rule. The final rule will push up rates in Wisconsin. (7/8/11)

Large hydro power now added to the state’s renewable mandate. (7/5/11)

Milwaukee mayor launches water economic development program.

NSPW updates rate case filing – now a 5.1% average increase.

Ellen Nowak is appointed PSC Commissioner.

States are erasing green energy mandates. (6/7/11)

Editorial: Find the right balance on economic development rates legislation.

NSPW seeks 3.8% average rate increase.

Economic development rates legislation raises concerns.

WEPCO proposes using accounting and amortization changes to delay rate increases normally scheduled for 2012.

AB 146 would end 4-year “shelf life” of Renewable Energy Credits (RECs).

WPPI Energy will buy nuclear power from Point Beach plant.

Wisconsin, Minnesota utilities to import power from Manitoba dams under new agreements.

WPL submits a fuel-only filing for about a 2% increase for industrials.

Power from Manitoba Hydro is allowed to count toward state’s 10% renewable mandate under bill passed by the Senate.

EPA will hold off indefinitely on enforcing boiler MACT regulations that would hurt businesses in Wisconsin.

“Walker, GOP reversing green initiatives. Recycling, wind power, energy efforts weakened.”

WPSC files for a reopener of 4.34% increases for industrials.

We Energies biomass power plant endorsed by state PSC, but with new conditions.

We Energies considering converting coal-fired Valley power plant to natural gas. New Power the Future 2 plan calls for $3.4 billion in investment through 2015.

Alliant won't pursue Green Lake wind farm, takes charge.

Alliant Energy earnings are up 69%. Rate increases, cold weather drive profit.

MGE reopener filing is a 6% increase for industrials.

Point Beach nuclear plant wins OK to expand power.

Wisconsin Energy reports record quarterly profit.

Budget committee rolls back higher fees for energy efficiency.

Montgomery: New PSC chief seeking 'balance.' (4/21/11)

Groups seek delay in bid to increase power from Point Beach nuclear.

Bill would make dams ‘green.’ Large scale hydro power would be part of 10% renewables mandate.

PSC endorses 1% hike in WEPCO power rates.

ATC to team up with Duke to build, own power lines.

WEPCO to file rate case in May.

Former state Rep. Phil Montgomery named PSC chairman.

ATC plans new power line tie to Illinois. (3/23/11)

Invenergy cancels plans for large wind farm.

Congress likely to challenge EPA's proposed mercury-emission rules.

Shaw replaces WECC as administrator of Focus on Energy program.

Oak Creek coal plant cost overruns at $191 million. Utility customers could be on hook for extra cost.

Columbia power plant will get pollution controls. Customers of three utilities to pay $627 million.

PSC votes against “excess revenues” credits for We Energies ratepayers. Consumer groups object to Fuel Rule incentives that total $40 million for executive compensation.

We Energies ponders Valley plant's future. Stricter EPA pollution rules leading to changes.

Power the Future coal-fired plants are now completed. (1/12/11)

PSC’s “excess capacity/coal retirement” docket to continue. (1/12/11)

Expansion of Point Beach nuclear plant questioned. Environmental groups say state has enough electricity.

CapX2020 transmission plan update. (1/6/11)

Completion of Oak Creek power plant delayed a second time. (1/5/11)


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