2010 News Articles

Point Beach credits expire for large customers causing double digit increases. (12/28/10)

MGE gets approval for modified rate increases. (12/22/10)

WPSC rate case: industrials below average increase of 0.2%. (12/16/10)

Lawmakers back plan to scale up energy efficiency. Business groups plan to scale it back in 2011. (12/14/10)

Focus on Energy feels the heat. Lawmaker calls for audit; business groups against added funds. (12/13/10)

PSC compromises on utility profits in Fuel Rule. (12/9/10)

Power the Future Unit 2 powers up by month's end. (12/9/10)

Federal regulators say increasing Point Beach nuclear output won't harm environment. (12/2/10)

WEC announces expanded dividend policy. (12/2/10)

FERC Chairman: making the consumer an active participant in the grid. (11/29/10)

Xcel halts biomass plant in Ashland. Sharp increase in costs of the gasification plant cited. (11/29/10)

Utility executive bonuses blasted. (11/29/10)

WEPCO co-gen biomass proposal up for approval soon. (11/27/10)

Sheboygan coal plant sale, upgrades approved totaling $200 million. (11/26/10)

Lawmaker seeks review for increase in energy efficiency funds. (11/24/10)

Wisconsin Public Radio interview with WIEG: “A look ahead at Wisconsin’s energy policy.” (11/29/10)
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Utility customers oppose rules that could use ratepayer money to pay executive bonuses. (11/16/10)

Rising electricity cost has jolted state. Rate increases since 2000 outpaced most of U.S., study says. (11/14/10)

FERC moves ahead with campaign to promote energy efficiency and renewable energy. (11/12/10)

Agency cuts rate increase sought by Alliant Energy. (11/12/10)

WPL is penalized for unclear information about wind-farm project. (11/12/10)

Does Wisconsin have too many power plants? (11/10/10)

How long can state's nuclear sites run? Point Beach seeks to boost output as reactors hit 40 years old. (11/7/10)

Renewable energy mandate may get new scrutiny. (11/6/10)

PSC backs bigger investment in energy efficiency
. (11/5/10)

Regulators contest We Energies’ profits. (11/1/10)

Valley power plant gets DNR backing. Agency says facility meets clean-air standards. (11/3/10)

Study calls for more “green jobs,” but WIEG warns of coming rate hikes. (10/7/10)

PSC draft report says power supplies will be plentiful through 2016. (10/5/10)

UMTDI says cost to move wind power is $3 billion. (9/30/10)

Midwest must almost double wind power production to meet 2025 renewable goals. (9/30/10)

ATC starts public meetings on proposed $425 million line in western Wisconsin. (9/30/10)

18 Senate Democrats now oppose Boiler MACT. (9/28/10)

WIEG & CUB oppose WPL rate increase. They claim WPL did not highlight transmission constraints limiting output from $500 million wind farm. (9/27/10)

PSC-DNR carbon sequestration report was finalized. (9/23/10)

Study says EPA Boiler MACT would kill jobs. (9/12/10)

ATC expects 10 year plan to cost $3.4 billion. (9/9/10)

Pollution suit targets Alliant coal plants. (9/9/10)

WEPCO files for 1.8% - 2.2% industrial increase for fuel costs (9/3/10)

PSC approved wind siting rules that would establish setbacks and good neighbor payments

EPA pushes for designating coal waste as hazardous; environmental groups also seek banning use in commercial products (8/29/10)

Xcel requests $29 million rate hike (8/3/10)

ATC proposes $425 million high voltage Madison-La Crosse power line (7/26/10)

Wind power might require a costly grid expansion (7/18/10)

Environmental groups take aim at We Energies’ coal-fired Valley power plant (7/10/10)

CUB files lawsuit against WPL’s economic development rate program (7/6/10)

Changes coming to Focus on Energy rebates (6/30/10)

Too big not to fail. What killed the Clean Energy Jobs Act (6/1/10)

Alliant Energy says it will cut 70 to 90 jobs (6/18/10)

Foundries polish their image (6/14/10)

The debate over coal (6/11/10)

With biomass, green and not-so-green lines blur (5/29/10)

Xcel rethinking biomass project (5/24/10)

Alliant’s president says no more coal plants… for now (5/20/10)

We Energies to begin Glacier Hills wind farm construction (5/14/10)

Court: Weston 4 plant must limit visibility (5/14/10)

Integrys rebounds from sale of energy marketing business (5/14/10)

Regulators back pollution controls for Sheboygan County power plant (5/11/10)

Invenergy tries to woo Brown County for wind farm project (5/11/10)

The cost of green is going up (5/9/10)

The global warming bill is dead, the issue isn’t (5/1/10)

State global warming bill is killed in the legislature (4/22/10)

Climate bill running on fumes (4/16/10)

Revised state energy bill gets a mixed reaction (4/14/10)

Wisconsin’s scaled-back global warming bill unveiled

Alliant subsidiary is a major player in wind development (4/10/10)

WPL to buy WEPCO’s share of Edgewater coal plant (4/6/10)

Rate dispute might doom costly small scale wind project (4/5/10)

Democratic lawmakers still seek consensus on global warming bill. Costs, tepid support remain roadblocks (4/3/10)

PSC gives OK to economic development tariff (4/1/10)

MG&E stops burning coal in Madison plant (3/18/10)

We Energies files application for $255 million, 50 MW biomass plant (3/15/10)

Task forces formed to study CapX2020 route proposal

Focus on Midwest Energy III Conference Coverage (3/9/10)

Panel debates need for government intervention on energy efficiency (3/9/10)

WIEG says businesses are cutting energy use without legislation (3/8/10)

We Energies seeks 2% rate boost for fuel

Debate over Clean Energy Jobs Act centers on prices

Oak Creek plant begins producing electricity, We Energies industrial demand down but forecasts growth

Power down: utilities seek balance between selling power and encouraging conservation (1/30/10)

Both sides see costs in carbon bill (1/27/10)

Lawsuit may delay Bent Tree wind farm construction (1/27/10)

Governor pushes Global Warming bill in State of the State (1/26/10)

Green to Gold energy efficiency loan fund announced (1/26/10)

Oak Creek coal plant ready to roll (1/25/10)

Wisconsin Energy boosts dividend 18% (1/22/10)

Integrys completes downsizing of wholesale business (1/22/10)

State’s cost on green energy effort higher than expected (1/21/10)

Wind transmission grid weakens west of Wisconsin (1/20/10)

State lawmakers draw battle lines on energy bill

NYT: “Wisconsin Opens Decade's First New Climate Efforts” (1/20/10)

WIEG worried about costs, mandates in climate change bill

UW biomass power plant a gamble for the state (1/19/10)

$250 million “green diesel” from biomass at Park Falls paper mill (1/19/10)

MGE plans to switch Blount St from coal to gas this year (1/18/10)

MJS editorial in favor of Governor’s Global Warming bill

WMC: Global warming bill kills state jobs (1/16/10)

Global Warming Task Force Chair: “Act now on climate change.” (1/11/10)

PSC approves 162MW, $400 million wind farm

WPSC eager, willing to help cut energy use (1/10/10)

Energy bill centers on nuclear provision, job creation (1/8/10)

EPA proposes stricter ozone rules (1/7/10)


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