2009 News Articles

Natural gas rescues utility bills (12/29/09)

Gov. Doyle has state Global Warming bill as a priority in 2010

Gov. Doyle says climate change bill key to driving state's green economy (12/28/09)

Senate Democrats to White House: drop cap-and-trade (12/27/09)

We Energies forecasts higher earnings after their rate hike (12/22/09)

Power plant dispute settled for $72 million (12/21/09)

Gov. Doyle backs away from “off the grid” goal for UW campuses (12/21/09)

State District Attorney surcharges now hitting We Energies bills (12/18/09)

Financial impact of proposed climate change bill debated (12/16/09)

Greenhouse gas limits lack bottom line (12/12/09)

State Global Warming bill is unveiled: will it hurt economy? (12/11/09)

Fuel price drop offsets WPSC and NSPW rate hikes (12/11/09)

Gov. Doyle outlines plans for trip to Copenhagen. (12/11/09)

Refunds offset Xcel electric rate hike. Electric increase for 2010 to be minimal, PSC says, but 'rate shock' may come later (12/10/09)

Global Warming bill sets stage for debate; debate in Madison will focus on green job creation and the tax burden for businesses (12/10/09)

Nine Wisconsin industrial companies get energy efficiency grants (12/10/09)

Endangerment Finding by EPA announced for CO2; could lead to greater economic regulations (12/9/09)

WEPCO explores the sale of their minority stake in Edgewater coal plant in Sheboygan (12/8/09)

Doyle defends climate legislation: business groups say bill will slow state’s recovery (12/4/09)

PSC approves We Energies’ legal settlement with environmental groups (12/3/09)

Anti-nuclear rally angers legislators & threatens Task Force legislation (12/2/09)

We Energies’ deal with conservation groups in jeopardy (11/27/09)

Job cuts & furloughs in 2010 for WPSC, Integrys (11/26/09)

WPL rate case preliminary decision: 6.4% average increase, 4.5 - 5% for industrials (11/25/09)

Declining sales mean rate increases for utilities (11/19/09)

Study outlines significant cost and rate impact of Global Warming Task Force recommendations (11/12/09)

Solar subsidies under discussion (11/16/09)

WEPCO rate case preliminary decision: 4% average increase, 2 – 3% for industrials (11/12/09)

Regulators punt on the $105 million environmental settlement (11/13/09)

Changes sought for Midwest in federal climate bill

Integrys to sell more assets (11/10/09)

WEPCO has $500 million planned for two biomass plants (11/2/09)

WEPCO wind farm proposal runs into resistance over turbine noise, cost (10/24/09)

Wisconsin ranks 11th in energy efficiency (10/23/09)

Powerline projects to cost $2.5 billion (10/21/09)

Utility surcharge could make some ratepayers hot (10/16/09)

The cost of clean air (10/14/09)

Minnesota regulators approve WPL wind farm (10/1/09)

Lawmaker blasts global warming bill (10/7/09)

Lawmaker: Don’t raise rates for environmental legal settlement (10/1/09)

EPA moves to curtail greenhouse gas emissions (9/30/09)

Poll: Wisconsin voters oppose costly, Wisconsin-only Global Warming legislation (9/25/09)

WEPCO defends rate proposal (9/21/09)

WPSC working toward state renewable mandate (9/15/09)

State offered $409 million in failed GM bid (9/12/09)

Biomass plant plan triggers questions (9/12/09)

Natural gas prices at 7 year low (9/3/09)

Gov. Doyle presses for climate change bill & 25% RPS (9/2/09)

Health care debate moves action on climate bill to the back burner (9/2/09)

WEPCO teams with Domtar on 50 MW biomass CHP (9/1/09)

WIEG & CUB sue PSC over wind farm approval (8/29/09)

CapX2020 Update (8/31/09)

Nuclear waste now stored outside reactor (8/29/09)

WIEG & CUB sue PSC over wind farm approval (8/28/09)

Assembly Speaker says green jobs are a priority (8/27/09)

Wis. air officials talked 'payback' on environment (8/23/09)

Climate bill costly for Midwest (8/22/09)

Waxman-Markey’s impact on Wisconsin (8/19/09)

Point Beach nuclear plant seeks to raise output (8/13/09)

Hearings on Bay Front biomass conversion (8/11/09)

Tripling of Public Benefits funds urged, but opposed by heavy industry (8/10/09)

Oak Creek power plant expansion '85 percent finished' (8/8/09)

MGE reserves right to build 175 mw of wind in Iowa (8/5/09)

WPL revenue down for 2010; still seeking 9% more (7/28/09)

WEPCO applies for $127 million or 4.86% increase (7/6/09)

NSP seeks 5.7% increase (5/29/09)

WPL files for 9% rate increase

WPSC files for 5% rate reopener

WEPCO files for 2.8% rate increase (4/10/09)

Wisconsin Energy sees fall in sales (5/5/09)

Minnesota regulators approve the need for $2 billion CapX 2020 transmission plans (4/17/09)

WEPCO customers to receive $18.5 million fuel refund (4/16/09)

WIEG: In midst of recession, warnings that energy price increases on the way (4/14/09)

A careful approach to cap and trade (4/13/09)

Cap & trade would devastate Wisconsin manufacturers (4/11/09)

PSC report to offer strategies on cutting greenhouse emissions (4/6/09)

$627 million plan would slash Columbia plant's pollution (4/3/09)

WEPCO files for 2.8% increase for 2010 (3/13/09)

WPL and NextEra strike deal on $450 million wind farm (3/11/09)

WPSC and CUB have decoupling proposal approved (2/24/09)

NSP to apply for $58 million biomass boiler (2/24/09)

$12 billion regional powerline called “Green Power Express” is proposed (2/10/09)

WPSC says Commission ordering them to lobby on Global Warming (1/25/09)

WEPCO pulled back renewables planning request (1/22/09)

WPL may raise rates to cover losses from demand destruction (1/22/09)

American Transmission names Procario as CEO (1/22/09)

PSC calls for further study of wind turbines on Lake Michigan (1/15/09)

Schrock named president & CEO of Integrys (1/4/09)



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